Richie Incognito goes to town on Jonathan Martin on twitter


If you thought the back and forth between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin was over, well… it ain’t.
Richie took a twitter and had some venting to do.




The best tweet might have been his last

Richie once seen as the bad guy now seems to be getting the wrong end of the stick. Hard not to feel bad for Richie after all this bad press when in reality he might have not been in the wrong.

Will the truth set Richie free ?

Jon Martin is going to have a lot of trouble finding work this offseason.

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  • Dewbert

    The fact that Incognito felt compelled to mention Martin’s alleged suicidal thoughts, whether true or not, shows us what kind of “man” Incognito is. He is scum.

  • Lou Musto

    Yea, I can’t be compelled to feel bad for Incognito because he does so much not to deserve it.

  • Mac

    Incognito surely isn’t perfect! Who is? He was railroaded on allegations. His career in jeopardy by attacks by J. Martin. Why is he not allowed to defend himself by allowing the truth to come out. Everyday the NFL waits to release the Well’s report, the NFL looks worse and inept. They have left both players in limbo and are exacerbating the situation by waffling and indecision. I would welcome Incognito back to the Fins which seems to be echoed by his teammates. Certainly it would help by allowing the Fins other options in FA and the draft and one less O-line player to sign. Rebuilding the Fin’s o-line is going to take 2-years minimum. I expect improvement next year for sure on the offensive front, but replacing possibly 4 starters will leave us short in other areas that need help like the defensive secondary and RB. Incognito may not be a top 10 guard, but many of us Fins fans love his hard-nosed and nasty attitude as a offensive lineman.