The best RB draft pick in Packers’ history


Eddie Lacy was drafted in the second round of last year’s NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers, and if his rookie year was a sample of what his career will be he may very well become the best Packers running back of all time. But, was Lacy the best pick the Packers have ever taken at his position? I say no.

In the early 90’s the Packers were a team in rebuilding mode. They were in the shadows of the great San Francisco 49ers teams and Troy Aikman’s Dallas Cowboys. Don Majkowsi injured his ankle in the 1992 season and a young quarterback with great promise had replaced him, his name was Brett Favre. Going into the 1994-95 season the Packers had a lot of pieces in place, but they were about to add a running back in the draft that few believed would have the career he ended up having.

In the fifth round with the 149th overall pick, the Packers selected running back Dorsey Levens out of Georgia Tech. Levens would become the best pick the Packers ever made at the running back position.

I don’t want you reading this to get the best pick ever made confused with the best running back in Packers’ history. There is a big difference. I do not believe Levens is the best running back to have ever worn a Packers’ jersey, but given the career he had and where he was drafted, he is easily the best pick ever made.

Levens went on to have a 10 year career in the NFL, eight of those were with the Green Bay Packers. With the Packers Levens rushed for 3,937 yards, including the 1997 season when he rushed for 1,435 yards and was selected to the Pro Bowl (and the Packers won the Super Bowl). All in all, Levens’ career was notable for an NFL running back, totaling 4,955 yards with the Packers, Eagles, and Giants. Not too shabby for a 5th round pick.


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  • Frank

    seriously?! Dorsey Levens had two productive seasons (’97 and ’99) with GB.
    Do some research at least. What about Edgar Bennett, John Brockington, Jim Taylor, or Paul Hornung?

  • Terry O

    I must be oldschool. I still rememer a guy yhe name of Jm Taylor.

  • Mick

    The Packers did not win the Super Bowl in the 97 season when Levens rushed for 1435… they lost to Broncos. They won it in 96 when Levens and Edgar Bennet were a two headed backfield. You present an interesting argument for Levens, as injuries certainly hurt his career. But if we are going to say best in Packers history, I agree with Terry O and Jim Taylor.

  • Lara

    You commenters must not have read the entire story‚Ķ it’s not about the best RB in Packers’ history, it’s about the RB drafted by the Packers that had the best value. Best draft pick at RB, not best RB in general. It’s called READING, do it before you flap your lips, eh?

    • Frank

      Levens was a 5th round pick with 2 1000 yd seasons for the packers.
      Jim Taylor was a 2nd round pick with 6 seasons with over 1000 yd from scrimmage. (and one more with 941). Not to mention 5 pro bowls.

      We did read and we don’t agree that Levens was the most valuable pick because Jim Taylor was that much better.