The Buccaneers attack the rest of the NFC South and spark a Twitter war


Who cares if it’s the offseason? The Buccaneers certainly don’t. After a simple tweet by the Panthers, the Bucs decided to instigate a Twitter war that spanned the NFC South.

Winter? In Tampa? Ya… no.

Then, out of nowhere, the Falcons jump in and drop a bomb! But, I’m guessing they were referring to the Matty Ice that led Atlanta to a 13-3 record two years ago, and not the one who led his team to a 4-12 record last season.

Tampa, now ready to pull out all the guns, shuts down Atlanta’s Matty Ice with their own shut-down corner.

Still worried about how cold it is Charlotte, the Panthers try to shift the fight back in their favor. 

Possibly realizing that their arsenal is a little lacking, the Falcons promise that they will conquer… later.

Oh! A surprising turn of events! Captain Fear, the Bucs mascot, jumps into the fray with a digital haymaker.

To shut it all down, the Panthers finish up the brief, yet eventful, twitter war with a quote from Steve Smith.

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