The free agent market for running backs is wide open


It’s safe to assume that everyone in the Northeast is hoping that LeGarrette Blount returns to New England. But we also have to accept that he very well might not. Assuming, too, that the Patriots organization liked what they saw of the power running game this season, they’ll likely want someone to fill the spot that Blount effectively created on the roster.

Fortunately for the Patriots, there are quite a few excellent options heading to free agency for top-quality running backs with big frames built to pound out tough yards in a stacked box. Unfortunately for the Patriots, there’s not much salary cap room to work with; if the team decides they can’t afford a bigger name, we might be watching from the sidelines as the top free agent prospects shuffle around the country.

Whether for ourselves or to scout the competition, we should all pay close attention to the top ten running backs hitting free agency. Read the full article here.

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