Toby Gerhart is a top-10 NFL free agent running back


The editors at cover32 came out with their top-10 free agent running backs today, and the Minnesota Vikings’ Toby Gerhart found himself on the list.

Gerhart’s 7.9 yards per carry average from a year ago is eye-pooping, sure, but when the best RB in the game in Adrian Peterson plays in front of you, it’s hard to make a case for any more carries.

So what do you think Vikings fans? Should the team bring back Gerhart? Is it all about the price? Or is it best to just let him walk? Feel free to let us know below.

Also, to see where Gerhart ranks and who else across the NFL made the list, click here.

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  • Chuck

    I would not write too big a check, but I don’t think the Vikings would have to write a big check. I would be surprised if anybody offered Toby more then one million a year, maybe five million for three years with the payout being 1-1-3 or 1-2-2. Good backup, but a starter, he has to prove that.

  • Ekolu

    Gerhart is a competitor, he’ll be looking for a chance to start. But, be has injury concerns. I guarantee he can’t play a full season without interruption.

    • eddie

      I think he is more durable than AP. He will get 1400 yards plus and only miss a game or two at most.

  • Decease

    Toby is a smart guy. A smart guy will take the $$$ and save his health to remain a backup. This phase of his life will be over in a blink of an eye. TAKE THE MONEY and laugh at the idiots who think “the team/fans” really care. THEY DON’T.

  • Hercules1944

    I say try to keep him. Adrian and Toby have a one-two punch most teams would drool at. What happens if Adrian gets hurt and has to miss a game or two?

  • Dan

    Keep Toby , he awesome

  • HerpDerp

    So his 7.9 yards per carry is “eye-pooping,” huh?

  • Mike

    Keep him! It makes it hard to defend if there are 2 top RB’s in your line-up! Look at what AP and Chester Martin did! Damn near made the SB. We sent Chester down the road and well you all know the story! Everyone new where the ball was going the next season. AP or throw! If we keep him, it keeps the purple in the playoff hunt. Send him down the road we start completely over!

  • Rick

    Keep Toby, he’s a solid back up option, he’s studied under one of the best running backs in the league and he could possibly be a viable option to take Adrians starting spot down the line, seeing if the Vikes can get the QB situation resolved and we don’t have to rely so much on the run game. It would be nice if NT could utilize both Adrian and Toby because he does have talent and that might save some wear and tear on Adrian.

  • Steve T. Dogman

    He’s eye pooping? Really? I think Toby looks pretty good. Great running back. He runs into defenses that stop Adrian, and he goes right through.

  • eddie

    Set Toby free! He was a peculiar Draft choice for a third down back. A truly rare talent who could produce 1500 to 2000 yards at 5 yards a carry for four years straight. If he were at Denver, Manning would get his rings like John did with Terrell. If he were at SF, they would have a chance to edge out Seattle. Right now, the two best backs in the league are on the same team with one wasting on the shelf. Use Toby to get better players who will actually play. Just don’t trade him to Cleveland!

  • Becca

    Keep him and figure out some plays to use him more often so everything is not always on Adrian P. Silly silly silly to let him go