All-time best plays by a Pittsburgh Steelers running back


It’s the week of the running back here at cover32 and the Pittsburgh Steelers have had some great ones.

Hall of Famers like Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis (oh, he didn’t make it? Shouldn’t that have been a crime?).

Game changers like “Fast” Willie Parker, Le’Veon Bell and Rashard Mendenhall.

But who made the list of the greatest all-time plays by a running back in Steelers history?

Let’s find out!

#5 – Rashard Mendenhall gets a little too excited

While not exactly a “play,” Mendenhall’s “accidental” pelvis motion on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after the Steelers defeated the New York Jets to earn a berth in Super Bowl XLV is one of the best/funniest “plays” in Steelers running back history.

Mendenhall explained what happened in a Super Bowl Media Day interview, blaming then offensive coordinator Bruce Arians who told him to fall on top of Roethlisberger when he takes a knee to prevent the quarterback from getting injured by Jets players trying to take the ball.

Sure, Rashard. Sure.

#4 – Rocky Bleier gives the Steelers a halftime lead in SB XIII

An underrated Steelers RB, Rocky Bleier went from Vietnam to the Super Bowl where he made a athletically clutch grab in the endzone to give the Steelers a halftime lead.

The Steelers would go on to defeat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31.

No. 3-No. 2

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  • bob graff

    Reggie Harrison’s punt block for a safety in Superbowl X . It turned the momentum when the Steelers were losing 7-10 at the time.