Brilliant montage burns media on Seahawks predictions


Joseph Vincent put this video together. It splices basically every negative talking point trotted out against the Seahawks going into the Super bowl with the brilliant story of how John Schneider and Pete Carroll brought the team together.

Great music, great cuts. This might be even better than the NFL Films presentation of the Super bowl. I just can’t stop watching it.

This team was dissed and doubted all season by the east coast biased media, and they used that disrespect as fuel to rise to the top. They are an inspiration not only for the city of Seattle, but for any sports fan that has ever felt unappreciated. Now that they are world champions you’d think that they will finally start getting the respect that they deserve.

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  • Kandi F

    This got me all choked up!! Glad you included the Kearse TD in the NFC Championship game. That was the turning point!!!

    • Anonymous

      I wish someone would interview bay less and ask what he thinks now of the Seahawks!? Go hawks we never doubted here in Seattle

      • bungholedorf

        the shirminator already roasted that fool on his own show. its on youtube.

      • Tucker

        They did. Bayless and Stephen A. Smith both ate their words huge the day after the SB.

      • Mesha

        SO happy he got to eat crow for the second time! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Amazing proud as a football fan! And I bleed Orange from Denver. Congratulations Pete And your unbelievable team!

  • Mike Byers

    Unbelievable video.

  • L. Wilbanks

    Love it!! Bayless-how’s that shoe taste fool??

  • ChuckRamone

    It would have been nice to have some sound bytes from those ESPN people or Pete Prisco over at CBS. All of them picked against Seattle.

    • Anonymous

      3 out of the 4 on FOX picked Seattle right before the game.

      • Anonymous

        We’re you watching the same game?? 3 of 4 picked Denver you moron

        • Rome

          Only the Shwamy picked Seattle on ESPN.

        • Kris

          I swear human decency does not exist in your spectrum of the world. To get on here and call someone a “moron” when he actually was right is a bit childish. Stop hiding behind the computer and being a COWARD when you have bold names to call someone. Grow up and learn some respect. I pray you do not have kids. And next time use your name if you are going to call someone a moron, and not be anonymous, this just comes across as being a coward.

      • papj

        You sir are correct and anyone that says your wrong should re-watch the pregame junk. having said that Clearly the idiots that you see in this video along with the majority of dufesses that call themselves “sports castors” were gushing over Peyton Manning and saying there was NO WAY to stop him. this is a beautiful work of art and I want it on Blu-ray!!! If any player (not named Kaepernick) had choked as bad as Skippie did with his analysis they would be out of a job. For the record Manning didn’t choke, he got his but beat.

  • Pat McDowall

    It’s pretty clear that Stephan Smith and Skip Bayless are a couple of blow hards that don’t know shit about sports much less Football

  • Vickie Bligh

    Well everyone knows what Richard Sherman thinks of Bayless. I hold the same opinion.

  • michael

    I have to pee

  • Anonymous

    We are NOT done…. GO HAWK NATION !

  • Slim

    Beautiful piece!….thank you for compiling such amazing memories! It’s great to hear all the naysayers in John Schnieder and Coach Carols plan… theres coaches begging to spend the off season at the VMAC studying the blueprint.

    • Paul

      they can just keep on begging cause it’s not for sale nor is it their business it is something that can’t just be made it takes a certain type of guy in JS and PC to make this work heres to looking forward to next year Hawks second super bowl championship

  • 12man

    How is Harvin a princess? He made a 90 yard touchdown in the superbowl. Who’s the princess now, Manning?

  • Divina

    Awesome video! Thanks for doing this and sharing!!!

  • Isiah

    Skip needs to eat his own d**k..he has hated Seattle for so long..and now look at them…

  • Brandon

    I hope they continue to hate Seattle. It fuels the fire. I could easily see seattle pull a nice run at the super bowl for the next few years. Go Hawks!

  • Hughbert

    Stick to basketball Stephen A. Bayless should just quit

  • Sean

    I loved this. Great music selection too, except for whatever that was at the end. I really liked that Transformers theme music on the Percy KO return. Outstanding job with this, I liked it even more than the NFL Films presentation.

  • Lol

    Skip is always talking nonsense though, I don’t think anyone serious about sports ever listens to him. He’s really just there to piss off Stephen A 😛

  • Bob Little

    I’m so glad I’ve never heard of these four, as I don’t have to be embarrassed for them this way.

  • Jesse

    I watched this video at least 5 times! What a great year! Seattle Seahawks were truly one of the largest underdogs in NFL history. With a short 3rd round pick quarterback (Wilson), a deaf running back (Coleman), an injury prone 1st round draft pick (Harvin), several un-drafed starters (Baldwin & Kearse), and loud mouth corner (Sherman). This goes to show band of underrated players can become Champions if you work hard enough and believe in yourself. Congratulations Seahawks!

  • Haven

    I have to disagree with the “east coast bias”. There are plenty of western teams that get plenty of respect. Plus, overall, the Seahawks and Broncos (best western teams) were preseason favorites (unless you throw in SF, also western team) to win the Super Bowl. So, although a very cool and feel-good production, it’s derivative is off base.

  • Anonymous

    joked up also wish others would give Seattle more credit they talk crap about this team but us 12 woman and man have their back

  • Matt

    Needs more Chris Carter. Awesome job.

  • Don G

    I really hope this shuts down the east coast bias. Seattle is now on the map. I would love to have seen all those sport’s analysts eating a huge serving of crow when the Seahawks not only won Superbowl 48 but did it in a spectacular fashion. You talk us down, you underestimate us and we’ll blow you away 43 to 8 ! ! !

  • Rick G

    Give Steven A. and Skip B. credit. The day after the Super Bowl, they both said the same thing: they were wrong, wrong, wrong. They couldn’t climb on the Seahawk bandwagon fast enough.

    • Louie

      We’ll that’s what they always do. Remember they pick the Niners first time they met early this season against the Hawks. Both admitted that they we ‘re the idiots and vowed not to pick anyone against the Hawks at home. But who do you think they picked to win on the NFC Championship game? They never learn.

  • Tim Weaver

    Shoot. Looks like Youtube has taken the video down. If anybody can find it elsewhere please let me know – @cover32_SEA

    • Tim Weaver

      Got it back up via Vimeo

  • Marianne

    We are so proud of our Seahawks and never doubted for one minute their potential. We have been waiting for this Lombardi for many many years now. For those of you who said this was a ‘boring’ Superbowl….it wan’t to us. This is #ourtime and we deserved to be here. We proved all you neighsayers wrong. #gohawks

  • Willie O. Anderson III

    Will this video be available for download at any time? It would be great to have this for viewing in the future. I can watch it over and over.

    • Tim Weaver

      Couldn’t say – here’s the profile for the guy who made the video. You might try sending him a message.

  • Tim Weaver
  • losingstandan

    I love the music for this

  • Jane Caudill

    I cannot get enough of this video. So very proud of our team and what they accomplished this season. Here’s to another great year. GO HAWKS!!! LOB

  • bobby burke

    all I got to say is I hope that all those socalled experts like the crow they had to eat for doubting the seahawks. and learn how to do their jobs better. stop picking their favorites and go with the facts…. the seahawks was the best team all year. but never got any credit from the experts lmao if you call them that…hope you like the crow……

  • emma

    Still, just a thing of beauty.