Do the Colts need a veteran running back in free agency


With Donald Brown set to his the open market, Vick Ballard coming off an ACL tear, and Trent Richardson coming off the worst season of his young career, do the Colts need to look into adding depth in the backfield through free agency? The quick answer, no.

With the latest CBA agreement, the Colts will have the benefit of adding depth at the position through the draft for a much cheaper price than through signing a veteran. With the likes of Ben Tate, Toby Gerhart, and Darren McFadden hitting the market, some Colts fan are left questioning whether or not it would be sensible to sign someone.


With what is being invested into Richardson and Ballard, there is no need to go get a veteran and try to create a three headed monster behind Andrew Luck. There is such a thing as being over crowded, and that would certainly do it.

At most the Colts will need a situational third down back, who can come in maybe five to seven plays a game. That would be perfect for any running back taken in the late rounds of this years Draft in May.

So hold your horses Colts fans, do not expect any big splash from your boys in blue when it comes to running backs and the free agent market.

CLICK HERE to see why the Trent Richardson trade will work out.

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