If you need a last minute Arizona Cardinals card for Valentine’s tomorrow…


If you’re reading this and still have no clue what to do for Valentine’s Day, you’re already getting booked into the dog house.

Usually, kids of school age will have a small party and swap cutesy Valentine cards with each other. The Cardinals are getting into the act.

Yes, there are Arizona Cardinals printable cards for Valentine’s Day. Seriously.

Check them out below. You can find them on the team’s webpage.

Cardinal Valentines

It’s a little surprising to see two of them be offensive linemen. I was hoping for a Larry Fitzgerald one that could have said “You’re a great catch!” Maybe a picture of Calais Campbell with his arms open and it says “Big hugs!” They could have one with a cheerleader on it that says “We’re friends! Yay!”

You get the idea. There’s a plethora of different Valentine’s for kids and the Cardinals are now part of it.

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