Mike Kafka falls short of true competition for Mike Glennon in 2014


Competition breeds excellence. Some might argue the cliche is overused, but for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, competition will be and should be the name of the game for 2014. While the signing of quarterback Mike Kafka is nice headline, it still fails to fully pressure 2013 starter Mike Glennon.

Kafka was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles who took the Northwestern product in 2010 as a fourth rounder. After breaking his non-throwing hand in the 2012 preseason, the quarterback hasn’t taken an NFL snap.

Outside of Dan Orlovsky, who is an unrestricted free agent, Kafka and Glennon are the only active signal-callers on the Bucs’ depth chart. The Tampa Tribune reported Kafka’s main reason for forgoing a chance to be a Dallas Cowboy in favor of a Buc was head coach Lovie Smith’s reputation for keeping three quarterbacks.

If Smith does carry three quarterbacks out of training camp it would be safe to assume Kafka would be one.  Make no mistake, Kafka understands that winning the starting gig is unlikely considering the Bucs want to figure out what they have with Glennon.

Depth going into camp is always a priority, but what players will provide Glennon with enough competition to cause him to look over his shoulder? If Glennon is to truly feel the pressure of 2014 being a make or break season, the Bucs would be wise to draft a quarterback in at least the third round.

No official word has yet to be given regarding the quarterback situation for the upcoming schedule, by the Tampa Bay front office. It has been this author’s opinion that the Bucs should strongly consider the best quarterback available in the third round.

Glennon may be the next big thing, or he could be tossed into the dumpster heap of history as the answer to a trivia question. Either way, Kafka’s signing is nice, but falls short of a true plan B behind center.

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  • NFL Fan

    The Jeff Tedford has made the playbook easy for several semi successful College QB’s. A good chunk made the NFL. Some of those QB’s didn’t turn out so well in the NFL. But I take that as a sign that his playbook is easy enough for the Average QB to comprehend and succeed with- Even a Dud! Whoever will be the Bucs QB this year, will grasp Tedford’s so easy a Dud can do it Offense the best. & I’m sure he’s going to find a guy he’s had his eye on. May be its been Kafka, may be someone else. Or maybe Glennon, his preparation habits were groomed by Russell Wilson. He may be that good just yet. I think he may have something- but Bucs will pick up another QB & that will be their favor to start this year regardless of anything else. But its Glennon’s to lose