Top 5 take aways from Kory Sheets signing with the Raiders (With highlights)


The Oakland Raiders signed former CFL running back Kory Sheets, who was the Grey Cup MVP this past season. Sheets has spent time with the San Francisco 49ersCarolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins before turning to the CFL and is now back for another shot with the big boys.

While this is not a huge signing, it is the first notable move this off season. So let’s take a look at the top five things you can take away from this signing.

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  • TJA

    James : Nice commentary in signing of Sheets. You make an interesting point in Jennings. He may follow the green. Remember, BS talks, money makes men walk !! Should be interesting how Jennings plays out .

  • TJA

    Murray the UCF kid will turn heads again in camp. Must stay healthy to be in the mix.

  • TJA

    Any news James on what the Raiders may do with Pryor ? Ford??

  • TJA

    James : Does Trent Edwards have a fighter’s chance of making the 53 man roster ?

  • raiderarlin

    Yes, he let Wheeler go but we were still in cap hell. Different situation now.

  • Lisa

    Watch a CFL game in real time and you will see the speed of the game is just as fast if not faster than the NFL with only 3 downs and a 20 second clock. I am a fan of both leagues and they are very comparable…in fact many players trying out for CFL teams for the first time have a hard time with the pace at first, Sheets included and he’ll say as much. CFL is a fast game, smaller DB’s to cover a larger field so they have to be quick. Sheets had a BEAST of an O-line with the Riders and always credits them with much of his success for opening the holes for him. The 2013 Riders were built to win a Championship so he had an incredible group of teammates to work with. He deserves every success!

  • TJA

    Lisa : Interesting commentary on CFL game and Sheets. Some players, possibly Sheets included, need time to develop and need to be placed in the right situation. Time will tell if this is Sheet time or you know what time!!