Some hypothetical Eagles trades found on Twitter


I was bored.

So the other day, I scoured Twitter with a search of “Eagles trade”. Below are some of the interesting (and crazy) hypothetical deals I found.


This one seemed ridiculous until I actually did some research. The Detroit Lions have committed over $50 million in cap space to Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford, so they don’t have a lot of flexibility. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will be a free agent this time next year, and he’ll need to sign a new deal. But can the Lions still afford him? They have Nick Fairley already, and could decide to trade Suh now for some value.

However, I don’t think Philadelphia needs Suh. They need a nose tackle, which isn’t a place Suh plays.

The only way any team would accept a trade for Trent Cole would be if LeSean McCoy was also involved. Seriously. Cole’s cap hit next year is $6.6 million, and balloons to over $11 million in 2015. He’s too old. He’s on alert to get cut.

I’m not 100% sure that Clowney would be worth trading up for. Not to mention, the Eagles don’t need him.

Now we’re talking! This deal was hypothetically talked about last month, and it would be a good one for both parties. The Dolphins don’t run the defense that Jordan can succeed in, while the Eagles do. The Dolphins could right their wrong from last season, and pick up an additional 2014 pick to help build their roster more.


The Vikings would never in their right mind accept this. Not to mention, the Eagles aren’t giving up anything of value.

Love it, and I wouldn’t write this off. Maybe not the part of trading Brown, but definitly the part about getting Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas. If the Eagles are in a position where they feel comfortable getting him, it’s a done deal in my book.

Johnson is old, and DeSean is not. No way.

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