The Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts Mount Rushmore


With all of the recent coverage of Lebron James stating his personal basketball Mount Rushmore, and ESPN debating if Derek Jeter deserves to be on the New York Yankee’s Mount Rushmore, it got me thinking. Who would be on the Colts?

For this, I am going to include the Baltimore Colts history as well as the Indianapolis Colts

As a franchise the Colts have combine to win two Super Bowls and two NFL championships. That has allowed for a lot of great players to come through the organization. With more than 10 Hall Of Fame players playing for them, including the likes of Eric Dickerson, Art Donovan, Lenny Moore and Jim Parker, the history is rich to say the least.

So who makes the list? Let us dive into it, and just so you readers know, the players are in no way ranked in order of greatness.

4. Johnny Unitas

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Johnny Unitas finished his career in San Diego, but he will always be remember as a Colt.

Unitas finished with over 40,000 yards passing, 290 passing touchdowns and set numerous records throughout his career.

He was a 10 time Pro Bowler, three time Player of the Year, six time All-Pro, and won two NFL Championships and one Super Bowl.

Without Unitas there might never have been a great Colts franchise, and the team might have moved before the championships came in.

He was a first ballot inductee into the Hall Of Fame in 1979.

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