The best running backs in Green Bay Packers history


The past couple of days I’ve written pieces on the best and worst draft picks the Packers have used on running backs in their history. I decided that to truly grade a draft pick you must take into account not only the player’s career numbers and longevity, but how his numbers match up with where in the draft he was taken. Dorsey Levens was picked in the fifth round and had a 10 year career amassing nearly 5,000 yards rushing, impressive for the 149th overall pick. Darrell Thompson on the other hand only had to wait for 18 names to be called before his was in 1990. Thompson only had five years to make his mark on the NFL, and he left without making much of one. It was a bust of a first round draft pick. However, I do not consider Dorsey Levens the best running back the Packers have ever suited up, nor do I consider Thompson the worst. Who are the top five running backs to ever wear the glorious green and gold? Let’s go over the list:

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  • BinKee

    Hornung at number 2 is dumb. He wasn’t that good of a runner and you said it all, He
    had a knack for for the end zone, Taylor ran the ball all down the field softning the
    and Hornung would take it in the final 5 yards. Ray scott would always say he has a
    nose for the end zone.

  • mark

    I wish that people would remember John Brockington. He has the rookie rushing record for the NFL for years and for the Packer until Lacy passed it this year. He was also the star of the 1972 division champs.

  • Dave

    Mark, I agree with your comment on John Brockington. What a beast. Both him and MacArthur Lane I think cracked 1000 yards in one season. What was great about John was that opposing teams knew the Pack had a very limited passing attack!