Top 5 reasons Trent Richardson deal will work out


Scrutiny has been all over the Trent Richardson trade since he arrived in Indianapolis. He was instantly put under a microscope and deservedly so with the expectations that come with being a first round draft pick and being acquired for a first round pick come May’s draft. Yet, many fans have given up hope just like during the 2012 season when the Colts started 0-14.

5. It is still early

I know, I know. You keep hearing this excuse on him, but look at it this way. He will be entering the third year of his young career, and for the first time will have the benefit of knowing that he will have the same offensive coordinator and no new system to learn.

4. The talent is there

Anyone knows that he is one of the most gifted athletes on the planet. You see these glimpses of pure greatness at times when he gets in the open field and makes grown ass men miss like they are playing JV football.

3. The offensive line will be better

It has to. It must. It will. Hell I do not know what else to say besides at times I could have gone out there with my bad knees thrown on the pads one last time and pretending to miss on assignments like the Colt’s offensive line did at times last year. With starting over 8 different lineups last year, the Colt’s have nowhere to go but up from here. That will benefit for every player on the offensive side of the ball.

2. No Donald Brown

Brown was able to come in last year and run hard and catch well out of the backfield. The one thing we say Richardson do well last year. There is no way the Colts can afford to keep Brown around as someone will overpay him as a starter. This will allow Richardson to get a full off season of practice in as the only number one back, and Vick Ballard is still recovering from his ACL injury.

1. His mindset will be right

He knows that this is a make or break year, and if he doesn’t perform then his NFL career might only last a few more seasons as he bounces from team to team trying to make the roster.

So sit back, relax, and watch the former Alabama player take off in the upcoming season. You will see that player that ran for over 900 yards his rookie year, and when in open space last year looked as dangerous as a working lady in Thailand.

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