Top 5! Worst running backs the Vikings have drafted


The Minnesota Vikings have had some very questionable draft picks, and although Adrian Peterson fell into their laps, running back has been an area where they have struggled to find talent. Whether they picked talent and skipped over others, or the guy just ended up doing stupid stuff, this list will make you wonder what if…

5. Onterrio Smith

Smith was taken in the fourth round of the 2003 draft. After being drafted by the Vikings he shaved S.O.D. into his head, claiming he was the steal of the draft. All he really stole though was money from the Vikings! In his two years on the team Smith rushed for a total of 1123 yards and seven touchdowns. Then came the Whizzinator! Smith would eventually be suspended for the entire 2005 season for his third violation of the leagues substance abuse policy.

4. Clint Jones

Clint Jones? Haven’t heard of him? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re not alone. Jones was the second overall pick in the 1967 draft. In his six years with the Vikings Jones had just under 2500 total yards and 19 rushing touchdowns. Besides the bad stats, the main reason Jones was such a bad pick was that the Vikings passed up Floyd Little. That is a name you should all know, especially since he was inducted in to the Hall of Fame in 2010.

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  • john

    You put 1945 and never looked back i guess….

  • Bernie

    But the worst was Leo Hayden, a #1 pick back in 1971 who flopped big time. Jarvis Redwine (a 2nd rounder) also belongs on this list instead of Darrin Nelson.

  • Chuck

    I agree with Bernie. Nelson does not belong on this list, although most people will remember him for dropping a pass against the Redskins. I don’t remember if that drop cost us a playoff or ended our postseason.

  • rosie

    the vikes enter the nfl in 1961 not 1945 ??

  • Marty VO

    The Clint Jones error was the author screwing up the guys biography. He was born in 1945, he was actually drafted by the Vikings in 1967

  • Guy

    Toby Gerhart?

    We traded a 2nd and 3rd rounder to get this pick.

    Who did we miss?

    NaVorro Bowman (3rd round)
    Eric Decker
    Jimmy Graham
    Geno Atkins
    Kam Chancellor
    Verner (Titans Pro Bowl CB)
    Ben Tate
    Antonio Brown
    Emmanuel Sanders