Who’s the best running back the Rams have ever drafted?


There are so many guys to choose from when determining who’s the best running back the Rams have ever drafted.

Guys like Brian Leonard, Lawrence Phillips and Trung Canidate pop into mind. Oh, that’s right, those guys were disasters.

No, we’re here to focus on the positive. (Stay tuned later this afternoon when I determine the worst running back the Rams have ever drafted).

Therefore, there are three obvious candidates who stick out when looking at the Rams’ history of drafting running backs.

Those candidates are Steven Jackson, Eric Dickerson and Jerome Bettis, all of whom were among the best at their position during their primes. However, Bettis only played for the Rams for three years before being shipped away to Pittsburgh, where he enjoyed the bulk of his success.

That leaves Jackson and Dickerson. And as much as I admire Jackson for being the sole beacon of light through a very dark period in Rams history (2004-2012), I have to award this honor to Dickerson, who was selected second overall by the L.A. Rams in the 1983 draft.

Dickerson still holds the single-season rushing yards record of 2,105 yards, which he set in his second season with the Rams. (Adrian Peterson fell nine yards short of that record in 2012.) Before Dickerson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in the early part of his fifth NFL season, he had put up this gaudy stat line for the Rams: 1,525 carries, 7,245 yards (4.8 ypc) and 56 touchdowns – all in just 65 games. In the four complete seasons he played for the Rams, Dickerson led the league in rushing three times and was voted first-team All-Pro three times.

Dickerson went on to play through the 1993 season and was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

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  • Jeff Presley

    I would also suggest Lawrence McCutcheon, my favorite Ram from back in the LA Rams days. He was a favorite player of mine.

  • Anonymous

    Marshall Faulk

  • Gary Richardson

    I also like jackson, but dickerson takes this in a runaway. He is in the discussion for best running back of all time along with gale sayers, barry sanders, and Jim brown.

  • Spencer Engel

    Anonymous – we’re discussing best RBs the Rams have DRAFTED, which eliminates Faulk. However, I do think the debate about who’s the best RB ever to play for the Rams – Dickerson or Faulk – would be a really good one.