Worst running backs of all time in Colts draft history


The Colts were very fortunate to have drafted two Hall of Fame running backs in their team history in Marshall Faulk and Lenny Moore, and one potential Hall of Fame back when he becomes eligible in Edgerrin James. It’s especially crazy due to the fact that two of them were drafted in the 1990s.

With that much greatness, there is always room for disappointment with the NFL Draft. Each team has dealt with their fair share of running back draft busts such as Ron Dayne, Rashan Salaam, Curtis Enis, and arguably Trent Richardson, although Richardson has is still young and can turn it around.

Fortunately for the Colts, the Colts did not draft Richardson, but it feels like they did due to their lack of a 2014 first round pick.
There are three in the Indianapolis Colts history that I believe fit that bill of a bust in the running back position based on their draft pick selection as well as the expectations given.

Number Three: Donald Brown

Donald BrownFor the first four years of Donald Brown’s career, he was absolutely under performing. He was an abysmal runner in his rookie year and an even worse pass blocker. Just watch the viral video of Peyton Manning yelling at him for missing a block in the 2009 AFC Divisional Playoffs.
Brown stunk even more during Joseph Addai’s injury absence for the brunt of 2010 season, and was absolutely dreadful. He was so bad that the Colts had to find the remains of Dominic Rhodes in free agency to help their terrible running game and the results were astronomically good by comparison.

In Donald Browns’ 2013 campaign, he made the most of a terrible situation with the Colts signing Ahmad Bradshaw and trading for Trent Richardson and had himself the best season of his young career being the workhorse of the Colts backfield with Trent Richardson playing the most disappointing football of any player this season arguably.

If it was not for his 2013 season, he would have easily been the worst running back draft selection in Indianapolis Colts history.

Goddammit Donald!!!

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