Worst team pick—RB: Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers most regrettable RB pick?


Fortunately for the Pittsburgh Steelers, they have had great success with most of the running backs they’ve drafted.

So I had to really think about this.

I very much wanted to put Richard Huntley here because all I could remember him doing was running sideways (running me up a wall), but unfortunately for me he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.

Then I thought, why not Amos Zereoué? Nah, he played in some of the dog years in the late ’90s, early ’00s and was a versatile back having to deal with Kordell Stewart’s shenanigans.

I’ll cut him some slack.

Chris Rainey? Remember the hype on him? But he was around for the blink of an eye before being cut due to an unfortunate battery charge.

As I’m only 23 years old, I don’t remember—rather know off of the top of my head—too many RBs the Steelers have drafted in the past who might have stunk.

And then it hit me.

The worst pick in the draft at the running back position for the Pittsburgh Steelers is…

Rashard Mendenhall


Now, let me explain.

Mendenhall was not, and is not, a terrible running back.

So, what has he done?

Well, for one thing he lost us a f%&*ing Super Bowl (potentially, of course, Green Bay fans).

Remember when the Steelers were only down 21-17 heading into the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLV?

They had the ball at midfield and had all the momentum, remember?

And then this happened:

Noooooooo / Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

And eventually this:

packers SB
Photo Credit: espn.go.com

But that’s not all.

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  • Anonymous

    Tim Worley

    • R

      It would be nice if that twenty three year old actually knew what he was talking about. It appears he had taken some things quite personal. Maybe he’s uncomfortable with someone thinking for himself as oppose to a programmed mindset

      • Quinton

        Athletes are placed in a more public eye, unfortunately. What their opinions are should be kept private, if they have any chance of causing a media storm. They should have the wherewithal to be positive influences—that’s all. Thanks for the advice! I’ll “reprogram.”

  • Anonymous

    Walter Abercrombie close second to Worley

  • jc kent

    just because you are only 23 doesnt mean history is only 23 years old. there was life before you. try tim worley.

    • Quinton

      Yes! I’ve been hearing his name a lot! Thanks for the advice, I’ll dig a little deeper next time—I just got a little excited when I was going back through the drafts and noticed how horrific that 2008 class was. Still learning, but I’ll improve. Thanks!

  • bob graff

    Remember Greg Hawthorne, he went from first round can’t miss RB to third string TE for the Patriots really quick.

  • Jaxson

    Baron Batch….. He will never see the light of day. Big Ups to Bam Morris!

  • ram21

    Tim Worley , without a doubt,, he was on the all American sleeping team

  • rege

    ahh, there was a guy, I believe in the 1966 draft – look it up! Dick Leftridge. The worst running back draft pick EVER, out of West Virginia University. At 23, you would not have heard of him. He played in four games that year, and did not even show up for training camp the next year. ahh, take the money and run?

  • Highlands mike

    No disrespect to the young steelers fans… espn can’t teach u everything, worst investment in running bac.k.s hands down, 1 Walter ambercrombie no.1 draft pic.k. out of Baylor suppose to take over for franco, Smh blew knee out rookie season was out of football 3 yes later, 2nd was Greg Hawthorne 6ft 4 running bac.k. He wasn’t worth a free bag of popcorn, 3rd was Sidney Thornton way more hype then production although did get a couple of super bowl rings

  • Gene

    I know Duece Staley was not drafted but taken as a free agent, but I always wondered “what did he do?” That was a waste of money

  • Anonymous

    Walter Abercrombie

  • Tony Defeo

    Tim Worley was the worst, considering he was drafted coming off the most miserable Steelers season (5-11 in 1988) since the 60s, and there were great expectations placed on him. He showed flashes in his rookie season, but he just never developed into the back many thought he’d be, and thanks to drugs, he was out of football in a few years.

    As for Abercrombie, legend has it that had it been a choice between him and Marcus Allen in the ’82 draft (Allen was drafted just ahead of Abercrombie), Noll may have been torn. Same thing supposedly happened in ’72 when Noll wanted to draft Lydell Mitchell out of Penn State but was talked into Franco Harris instead (good choice).

    As for Mendenhall, I don’t think he was a bad back at all. In fact, I thought he was inching toward elite back status, prior to his knee injury at the end of 2011. Fans never bought into his style, but then again, they didn’t seem to care much for Willie Parker’s, either. I wouldn’t categorize Mendenhall as a bad back, he just had an unfortunate way of not endearing himself to the fans (and teammates), and this is why he has the reputation he does. Had he not fumbled in the Super Bowl, fans may have remembered him more fondly, and he might actually still be here.

    He was certainly productive enough (3300 yards in three full seasons as a starter). The Steelers ground game was taken to task during the days of Parker and Mendenhall during Arians’ time in Pittsburgh, but it’s funny that their production far outweighed anything the backs of done since–including Le’Veon Bell.

    I like Bell and his potential, but fans can only hope he has the same kind of production as Mendenhall and Parker before him.

  • bob graff

    Just fyi Abercrombie had 500 fewer yards rushing and 1 less rushing td than Rocky Bleier. Not that i think he was a great player but after his knee healed he put up two season very similar if not better than what Bell did his rookie year. Compare that with Hawthorne who had 500 yards rushing during a 8 year career .

  • Tony Defeo

    Abercombrie wasn’t horrible. He just wasn’t a feature back on par with a Harris. But there weren’t too many things that worked in the 80s

  • Radiskull!!

    It is a total tossup between Abercrombie & Worley. In those years we just needed something positive from the running game to keep the team strong, but they were just terrible.Famous Amos could have been ok , but to try to place the entire running game on his little shoulders and take it away from The Bus was just plain wrong!!

  • billy g

    Bob Ferguson my friends was THE worst of them all .Ran into the line backward…

  • JimmyC

    ’56 Gary Click, ’62 Bob Ferguson, ’36 Bill Shakespear