Are the Detroit Lions eyeing Golden Tate?


We all love the Seattle Seahawks and their wide receivers, even if they never get their proper due in the media. But if we’re being honest the best receiver in the NFL is undoubtedly Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions.

This season Johnson finished third in the league with 1,492 receiving yards, fresh off a 2012 campaign when he almost hauled in 2,000.

Megatron is the best there is at his position. There is no debate.

The only problem is that Lions quarterback Matt Stafford really doesn’t have anybody else to throw too. Running backs Joique Bell and Reggie Bush finished second and third on the team in reception yards after Johnson, with 547 and 506 respectively. No wide receiver but Johnson eclipsed the 500 yard mark in 2013. This makes Detroit’s offense one-dimensional. With two or three defenders draped on Johnson it becomes very difficult for Detroit to sustain long drives.

Getting extra help for Johnson has to be the Lions’ number one offseason priority this year, and it looks like they’re on top of it. Yesterday they released wide receiver Nate Burleson, an 11 year veteran from Nevada, who played in Seattle from 2006-2009.

Burleson, who only played 15 games over the last two seasons told NFL AM that he wasn’t surprised by the move. The team will most likely seek to replace him with a younger receiver, and the Seahawks’ own Golden Tate fits the bill perfectly.

Tate is considered by many analysts to have the best hands in the NFL. This season he had the lowest drop rate for catchable passes of any receiver with at least 100 targets.

Tate is an unrestricted free agent which means on March 11 any team is free to sign him to a contract.

For his part, Tate has said that he would be willing to take a home team discount to stay in Seattle, but when big money offers come rolling in from teams around the league he may change his tune.

Jimmy Graham just won’t shut up.

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