Deuce McAllister is feeding New Orleans


Most of us remember Deuce McAllister as the pudgy kid with the bright smile that was the lone glimmer of hope on an otherwise decrepit New Orleans Saints squad.

In fact, McAllister still holds the Saints’ all time records for career rushing yards (6,096) and career rushing touchdowns (55).

Even after retiring in 2010, McAllister’s life has been ‘saintly’ (for the most part).

He runs the Catch 22 foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting under-privileged youth and adolescents in the Gulf South. He’s also an active part of the Gulf South community, including speaking at area high schools and meeting up with the winners of Mississippi’s ‘Wendy’s High School Heisman Trophy’.

There is one dark spot in McAllister’s after football life, taking the form of an ill-run Nissan dealership that eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and attracted lawsuits from Nissan Finance.

However, for the most part McAllister has remained a positive figure outside of football. He’s still active with the Saints organization – albeit in a non-official role – and he even took to twitter after the recent mass release of four veterans.

More recently, he just opened ‘McAllister’s Ole Saint Kitchen and Tap’ in New Orleans’ famous French Quarter. The venture is a combination restaurant/seafood market that serves up bayou basics like po-boys and other traditional NOLA fair (in addition to, as the name suggests, a large collection of various beers). In fact – here he is with a couple of gorgeous gals at the grand opening:

A southern boy through and through, McAllister has spent the majority of his post-football life giving back to the community that loved him while he was a Saint. Now – through po-boys and pints – he’ll do his best to mold them into his image … his soft, doughy image …

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