Napoleon Kaufman: Far more than just a former Raiders RB


Former Oakland Raiders running back Napolean Kaufman may be done with his NFL playing days, but he is not done working. Drafted in the middle of the first round of the 1995 NFL Draft, Kaufman only played in the NFL for six seasons, all with the Raiders. But calling it a retirement would be a drastic mis-classification. After “retiring” from football, Kaufman has been incredibly active with the community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When he left the NFL, rather abruptly, in 2001 he did so in order to pursue a career as a Christian minister. To this day, Kaufman continues to be a very active minister with the Well Christian Community in Livermore. He has also spent a number of years as the team chaplain for the Raiders, working closely with players. He is also very active on Twitter (@napoleonkaufman) as he frequently tweets out deeper ideas with the hashtag #JustThinking.

Kaufman also recently got back into football when he was hired as the head football coach for the Bishop O’Dowd Dragons in Oakland (my alma mater). Kaufman has a son, Napoleon Jr. who is a junior at O’Dowd and his other son, Nathanael, will be a freshman at the school next year. Before taking the head coaching job with O’Dowd, Kaufman also spent time coaching in the Pleasanton Junior Football League.

While he had a rather short career, it was a pretty good one. Kaufman was a speedy and elusive back whose yardage stats are deceiving because he split time with Tyrone Wheatley in his later years. Plus, Kaufman remains a die hard Raiders to this day, frequently discussing and rooting on the team on Twitter.

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