Should the Buccaneers pursue Michael Vick


With free agency set to begin on March 11, the rumor mill is going full force. One of the hottest questions asked is where will Michael Vick land? Tampa Bay is always brought up in the discussion.

Jason. Lovie. Don’t do it.

Unless your goal is to put the Bucs on SportsCenter in March this move makes no sense.

You already have a young signal caller who in 2013 showed flashes despite playing without two of your top offensive weapons in Mike Glennon.

Bringing in Vick does nothing but create an instant distraction. The distraction I am referencing has nothing to do with Vick’s past, and everything to do with the team in 2014 and beyond. This move would create an instant quarterback controversy.

Although competition is good, the last thing you want is a quarterback who is looking over his shoulder. With every misstep by Glennon the calls for him to replace only get louder.

Some people say that Vick should be brought in to help mentor Glennon.

Forget it. This whole bringing in a veteran to serve as a mentor is a joke. This is why you hired Jeff Tedford and Marcus Arroyo.

Russell Wilson just won the Super Bowl in his second year. Who was his mentor? Matt Flynn? Nope. Tarvaris Jackson? Stop it.

You are much better off to bring in a guy like Matt Cassel. While he is not much of an every week starter, Cassel is the perfect backup quarterback. Look at his performance last year in spot starts for Minnesota, week 4 against Pittsburgh win, week 13 against Chicago win.

Cassel will likely be far less costly, and brings with him no distractions.

In addition to Cassel you should be looking for a quarterback in the draft. You have plenty of more important needs, but there is likely to be a good prospect or two available in the later rounds. My suggestion is that you use a late pick on David Fales from San Jose State, but more on that later, this is about Michael Vick.

Don’t do it. You’ll thank me later.


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