St. Louis Rams land two players on top players under-25 team


In case you missed it yesterday, revealed a list of it’s top players under the age of 25.

Not surprisingly, Rams’ PFWA Defensive Player of the Year Robert Quinn made the list at defensive end and even co-headlined the column with Packers’ running back Eddie Lacy. Quinn’s highlight reel from 2013 precedes the column itself, which is well worth a watch. Here’s what Elliot Harrison, NFL media analyst and author of the column, had to say about Quinn’s inclusion:

“If you’re surprised Quinn made this list, you should probably hop over to the Food Network’s website. Quinn led the NFL with 75 combined sacks/knockdowns/hurries — SEVENTY-FIVE!!”

If you did decide to go see what Guy Fieri was up to at that point (And if you did, we won’t judge you. That much.), you missed another young Ram sneaking onto the list as well. That’s Ram punter Johnny Hekker grinning at the bottom, as the 24-year-old garnered the following accolades from Harrison:

“Hekker just turned 24, yet is already one of the best punters in the business. In fact, he led the league in net average at 44.2 yards. That’s a field-position-flipping number.”

The inclusion of the team’s Pro Bowl duo made the Rams one of just five teams with multiple representatives on the list. The Bengals, Cowboys, Bills, and NFC West foe Cardinals each had two members as well.

See the full list here.

Who’s the worst running back the Rams have ever drafted?

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