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The 2014 Draft is a mere few months away and everyone under the sun is producing Mock Drafts as if it’s going out of style or something. After an absolute defensive implosion of a year for the Dallas Cowboys most pundits have the Cowboys picking either a defensive lineman or a free-safety. After mulling through hundreds of Mock Drafts it seems, yours truly can only come up with one absolute; the Cowboys need help in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve always been a proponent of the “best player available” approach, though I have gone on record saying that this organization needs to complete a defensive overhaul. Nonetheless, the BPA approach is how really mediocre teams can become a good team overnight. You can take almost any position on any roster in the National Football League and point to it’s strength yet still find improvements for the said strength.

The Cowboys for instance are supposedly strong in the receiver category, oh really? Well let’s say Dez Bryant goes down with an injury, what happens next could be terrifying. The Cowboys offensive line played remarkably well in 2013, but does that mean the Cowboys shouldn’t look to bolster that unit even further?

That is truly why the BPA approach is the way to go in my humble opinion. You see how the other clubs have picked before you and you adjust and make your decisions based on your board. I just don’t believe teams use the BPA method enough. You could argue that if the Cowboys really wanted a tight-end so bad in the 2013 Draft, that they could have drafted Tyler Eifert in the first round and still got Travis Frederick in the second. With that said there is no need diving into that subject of the what-ifs because nobody actually knows Frederick would have been there for certainty.

The Cowboys just need to have a single-minded focus on their board and I believe with Will McClay and Jason Garrett running the show this year that they just may be like Allstate Insurance; “in good hands”. Whether or not the fans of the Cowboys understand it or not, this is going to be a deep draft and the Cowboys so far have racked up nine picks. This will be a telling year for how the Cowboys roster is going to shake out over the next few seasons.

If I’m in that War Room, I’m taking the best damn player on my board regardless is there is a run on a position or what-have-you. I want to make sure that with these picks, all of my decisions are calculated and that I get a guy who is the best in his position in that first round.

With that said, the Cowboys just don’t have the luxury of skipping over guys because of need. I can argue that the Cowboys need a defensive end until I’m blue in the face, but the real answer is that the Cowboys need depth more than anything else. No more M*A*S*H units in Cowboys gear on Sundays. If you want to build a team right you have to draft well, thankfully Garrett’s drafts have been a lot better than his predecessor and now he will be faced with quite a heavy task in order to complete the turnaround that will get him an extension. That is after all what is at stake here. Stick to the board and get good football players, sounds easy doesn’t it? Time shall tell.

In McClay we trust? Or in McClay we must?

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