Raiders rewind: Kory Sheets highlights, free agent options and strength of schedule


Raiders Columns

–  Top five things we can take away from the Kory Sheets signing. (READ)

–  Raiders have the hardest strength of schedule in 2014 but does it even matter? (READ)

–  Raiders running back options: From free agency to the top ten options in the draft. (READ)

–  Raiders have their own super hero in Jared Veldheer. (READ)

–  Where are they now? With former Raiders running back Napoleon Kaufman. (READ)

National Columns

– The top-10 free agent quarterbacks in the NFL. Could any help your team? (READ)

– Power Rankings: Ordering the current NFL quarterbacks from 1-32. (READ)

– The top-10 free agent running backs in the NFL. Some sneaky good names on this list. (READ)

– What’s the “Derek Jeter test?” An explanation and 10 former NFL players who pass it. (READ)

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