Raiders will likely take a wide receiver in the NFL Draft


The Oakland Raiders have two young wide receivers with a ton of talent and potential on their roster with Andre Holmes and Rod Streater. Both are bigger guys with good speed and very good hands but both need to work on some of the finer points of being an NFL receiver. From route running to creating separation at the line of scrimmage, neither guy has stepped up to be the number one receiver the Raiders have been looking for.

The draft offers the Raiders a great opportunity to find that standout wide receiver who can be a go to for the quarterback and force defensive coordinators to game plan for them. The most obvious option for the Raiders is a guy who will likely be there when their number five draft pick is up in the NFL Draft this May. Sammy Watkins from Clemson is thought of by many as a truly special player, the type that can drastically change the quality of an offense in the NFL.

But he is not the only guy in the draft who would represent a big upgrade for the Raiders. This year’s draft is stocked full of great wide receiver talent and while no one has been seen as being quite as good as Watkins, we all know that mid to late round picks surprise every year. If the Raiders do not choose to go wide receiver with their first pick, they will have plenty of opportunities to snag a quality receiver capable of being the number one guy in Oakland.

General manager Reggie McKenzie has already shown he is a very good at evaluating talent at the wide receiver position. Both of the guys mentioned above, Streater and Holmes, were taken out of the trash heap and surprised many with how good they could be. Streater was signed as an undrafted free agent while Holmes (who also went undrafted) came after being cut by the Cowboys. If McKenzie can find this kind of talent in the trash heaps, imagine what he can do for the position with a draft pick.


If you want to check out the other options available to the Raiders in the May Draft, check out the cover32 Top 10 Wide Receiver Prospects in the Draft.  

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  • Anonymous

    James : Just like Tyler Wilson at QB was not the answer, Watkins is not the answer despite his flash in the Orange Bowl and while at Clemson. James, as I have warned before, this is the NFL. Plus the Raiders have plenty of WRs. Further , they will continue to develop. Holmes must prove he is more than a Thanksgiving Day one trick pony , which he started to do toward the end when given numerous targets . The NFL is also about QB and Oline play. Discuss the essentials before you get to the perimeter of the game.

  • TJA

    James: Stop it with the WR talk . The NFL clubs that have great offenses have two things in common: 1). excellent oline2). excellent QB at the helm. Get the first two right then you can properly evaluate your WRs. Until then , it is not much if an evaluation. A Ferrari or Masserati has to have the right engine. An NFL offense is no different . I know you love Watkins( Clemson), Nicks( Giants) and Decker( Broncos) but the truth is Streater and Moore are just as lethal if given the right ammunition . The young bucks , Holmes and Butler will show up this year. Get these kids some blocking and the ball in the the air once Murray , Jennings and Sheets run the ball down the defenses throat and Yes the Raiders of the 70s will be back !!