Oops! Trent Dilfer rips Seahawks on 2011 NFL Draft


One thing I love about the Seattle Seahawks is the chip on its shoulder. The players and the fans both love to point out instances where the media was dead wrong about the team. For example, this awesome montage splicing Super bowl highlights with Skip Bayless and Stephan A. Smith’s predictions has gone viral and several players have shared it.

We all know about Bleacher Report’s grading the Seahawks 2012 draft choices an F. Russell Wilson remembered the slight and took a picture with the guys from that year after they won the Super bowl.

Speaking of, remember that time we won the Super bowl?



That was pretty great.

Anyway, the guys who John Schneider took in the 2011 draft had a big hand in contributing to the championship season as well. K.J. Wright, Byron Maxwell, and Richard Sherman all showed their quality despite being underrated at the draft.

Back then, former Seahawk Trent Dilfer went out of his way to crap on the team’s choices. Here’s the video. Try not to drink milk around the 2:07 mark.


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  • Rick G

    And then Trent D. picks Denver in the Super Bowl. Double oops!

  • Grin’n

    Differ was totally right about one thing in this video. He isn’t welcome in Seattle anymore.

  • Rebecca

    How does this guy justify even sharing his opinion on any sports channel. He clearly doesn’t know what he is talking about, especially when it comes the Seahawks. You need to find a different job, something you know a little something about!!! GO HAWKS….