Raiders WR options in free agency are limited at best


The Oakland Raiders could use some help at the wide receiver position. They have lots of young talent on the roster with guys like Rod Streater, Andre Holmes and Denarius Moore, but lack a consistent number one type threat. They have no AJ Green, no Megatron, no Andre Johnson. That is what the Raiders need, but it is also what they will not find in the free agent market.

Probably the best wide receiver available on the market will be Denver Broncos wide out Erick Decker. Though he is young and has a lot of talent, he is also not a clear number one receiver. No one in the free agent class is. And while some are definitely better than the guys the Raiders currently have on their roster, they do not necessarily have more upside.

The young wide receivers on the Raiders roster, especially Holmes and Streater, have the ability to be as good as most of the guys in free agency. They may still be a few years away from reaching that potential, but it makes no sense to go pay a big price for a guy who may not be any better than the guys you already have on your roster. Because the free agent crop of receivers is fairly weak, guys like Decker could end up being highly over paid, something the Raiders want nothing to do with.

There is some talent that might be worth adding as depth, but given the immense number of holes that are scattered throughout the Raiders roster, they would be well advised to stay away from free agency and pursue a wide receiver in the Draft, where there are lots of very good options.

Take a look at cover32’s list of Top 10 Free Agent Wide Receivers and see if there are guys you believe the Raiders should target this off season.



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  • TJA

    James : Stop it !! The Raiders have WRs. Free agency or Watkins at WR is not the answer . Punishing bruising Olineman are the answer . Further , if you think the Broncos Decker is the F A WR option , did you watch the Super Bowl ? Nada from Decker !!’ Nicks was the same for Eli this past season . NADA!’ Translated : NOTHING