Should the Seahawks pick a wide receiver in the NFL Draft?


The Seattle Seahawks are on top of the world, but in order to say there they’ll have to work tirelessly to keep improving the roster. With that in mind, this week we’re talking about the wide receiver core.

Keeping the current receivers we have may be what the fans want, but it’s really not realistic. It’s been widely reported that Sidney Rice will be cut by the team, Golden Tate is going to get some major offers from Seattle’s competitors in the NFC, and the team needs to address the size factor. None of Seattle’s starters at wide receiver are six feet tall, which makes it hard for Russell Wilson to find them in tight windows.

Don’t take that as a shot at our receivers – they did an excellent job this year considering the limited time they were given by the offensive line to get open and the fact that Percy Harvin missed all but one game.

Our wide receivers are good. They can be great.

The biggest boost this group can get is obviously a healthy Harvin, however picking up a young 6’4″ wideout with a long wingspan would put the Seahawks on another level offensively. Don’t believe me? Look at the Chicago Bears last season. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery may be the best 1-2 receiver combo in the NFL due to their size and athleticism. They make Jay Cutler look better than he actually is because all he has to do is throw the ball in their general vicinity and give them a chance to make a play. Heck, when Cutler went down they made Josh Mccown look like Dan Marino at times.

You may love our guys, but you can’t tell me that Wilson wouldn’t benefit from having a guy like that to throw too.

Fortunately there are a number of talented wide receivers available this offseason, both in free agency and in the NFL Draft. Here’s a list of the top ten prospects at the position.

The Seattle Times says being a 12th man is good for your health.

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