Should the Seattle Seahawks sign Anquan Boldin?


It’s no secret that the Seattle Seahawks have the best defense in the NFL. The place where they have room to improve is on the offensive side of the ball. Specifically, the offensive line and the receiver core could use infusions of fresh blood to help keep the team competitive.

On Saturday our own Jon Ludens listed six wide receivers that might interest the Seahawks in the NFL Draft, but there are also a number of free agent wideouts that could grab general manager John Schneider’s attention.

The most intriguing of the group might be the San Francisco 49ers’ Anquan Boldin.

I know, I know. Boldin likes to talk. And talk. And talk. But it’s hard to argue that he can’t back it up. That means he actually might be a good fit with this team. After winning the Super bowl with the Baltimore Ravens, he signed a one year deal with the enemy, hoping to prove himself so that he might earn a big contract this offseason, like Michael Bennett.

Boldwin followed through: he caught 85 passes for 1,179 yards and scored seven touchdowns in 2013. And all of those numbers came playing with a mediocre passing quarterback. Putting Boldin on the opposite side of the line with Percy Harvin would force defenses to make some very hard choices.

However, Boldin is not exactly a freshly hatched spring chicken. He’ll turn 34 this next season and even though he’s been durable throughout his career, at that age it wouldn’t take much to put him down for the count.

Boldin is just one option the Seahawks may want to consider signing. Here’s a list of the top ten free agents at wide receiver in the NFL.

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