TOP 10 Free Agent WR’s: Who should the Minnesota Vikings go after?


The Minnesota Vikings need to add some veteran talent at wide receiver. Which of the top 10 free agent WR’s look best to you? (READ) Whether it is Santana Moss or Eric Decker, the biggest question most of these free agents would ask themselves is who is going to be throwing them the ball. With just Christian Ponder on the roster right now, I have a feeling that the Vikings won’t be able to get any of these 10 guys.

The Vikings should take a good long look at Eric Decker. Decker has been a big time receiver in Denver and could add a lot the Vikings receiving core. Hakeem Nicks is listed as the top free agent receiver. This would be another big pick up if the Vikings were able to land him. The number two guy on the list is Anquan Boldin. Although Boldin is 34 he could be a guy that could help the Vikings in the short term. Which free agent WR would you like the Vikings to go after?

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  • Ekolu

    The Vikings need another veteran wide receiver on top of Greg Jennings and Jarius Wright? I think not. There wide receiver core is going to look like Greg Jennings and Cordarrelle Patterson at the wideouts, Jarius Wright in the slot, Greg Childs and either Joe Webb or Adam Thielen as backups. They have too many holes on defense than to go after one of the top 10 wide receivers.

  • Kevbo

    Adding Eric Decker would be a huge improvement over Wright, Childs, Webb or Thielen mentioned above, and as a U of M graduate he may be interested in coming back to the Twin Cities. That being said we need to shore up the defense, especially the secondary, as well as figure out the QB situation.

    • Bryan Kvitek

      I think the biggest thing working against Decker coming back to Minnesota would be his wife’s career.

  • Carl Spackler

    With Jennings, Patterson, Wright and solid TE’s, WR is low on the priority list for the Vikings. I’d be fine resigning Jerome Simpson and focus on Defense & QB in free agency and the draft. As for Decker, we’ll see how he does without Manning throwing to him and without Welker and the two Thomas’ as other weapons for the opposing D to focus on. Although he’s solid, he’s not elite like he appeared to be in Denver.

    • Bryan Kvitek

      Welker wasn’t in Denver in 2012 and Julius Thomas didn’t play in 2012, yet Decker still have 85 catches and double digit touchdowns

      • Carl Spackler

        I said Decker was solid, not elite. He still had Manning throwing to him and the other Thomas across from him in 2012. Put him in our offense with Cassel throwing to him and he drops to 50-60 catches and 6-8 touchdowns. Similar production to Greg Jennings That’s solid not elite. The point I’m making is that for the money he is going to command, we are betting off signing a playmaking LB or CB instead.