Top 10 wide receiver draft prospects – Will Ravens go to that well again?


One of the biggest positions of need for the Baltimore Ravens this offseason has been wide receiver. When Baltimore traded away Anquan Boldin last offseason, most were surprised and thought the move was a mistake. I took the stance that they could indeed overcome it but I was wrong as well. Losing Boldin turned out to be crucial and by not having a veteran receiver that could still stay healthy and put up big numbers, the Ravens were often found in dire situations. The Ravens did however find Marlon Brown, signed as an undrafted rookie. Brown had an exceptional season as a rookie and the Ravens will look to build upon his success.

There has already been debate over how the Ravens should improve at the position; either through the draft or through free agency. Drafting receivers is never safe. For every Torrey Smith you get a Mark Clayton or Travis Taylor. Upgrading at receiver would be the cheapest way to go but would it provide the results the team and fans want to see?

Here is our top ten list of draft prospects at the wide receiver position. (READ)

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