Top 10 wide receivers for the New York Jets in the 2014 NFL Draft


The wide receiver position wasn’t a great one for the Jets in 2013. They had injury issues. They had productivity issues. But mainly, they had skill issues all around.

No one was really a contributor. Stephen Hill wasn’t. Santonio Holmes wasn’t. Jeremy Kerley was too hurt to be one.

The Jets have to go out and get some actual talent at one of the most important skill positions out there. Geno Smith needs the help. And if Smith isn’t in a starting position for the Jets next season, his replacement will need the help. Either way, someone needs a decent receiver to which to throw, and the Jets have to go out and scoop up some of that talent.

Earlier Monday, we listed the top-10 receivers the Jets could target in the upcoming free-agency period. Now, over at the main site, Buck Stanton looks at the top-10 receivers in the upcoming NFL Draft. Click here to read the piece in full. Here is an excerpt:

10. Paul Richardson (Colorado)

Richardson is a big-play threat.

If a team is looking for someone who can make big plays, Richardson would be the ideal fit. During his career at CU, the wide receiver hauled in 20 touchdowns (despite the fact that he drew most of the defense’s attention because he was the Buffaloes only legitimate weapon), from an average of 41.8 yards out. That type of home run ability is hard to find; P-Rich has it.

9. Jarvis Landry (LSU)

Landry is a do-it-all wideout.

With 77 catches for 1,193 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2013, Landry showed that he’s a big-time receiver. He can make all of the catches, including across the middle and in traffic. And he’s particular adept at the underneath, crossing routes that so many teams employ today in the NFL. He’s so smooth that he sometimes makes things look too easy, which may actually hurt his draft stock.

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