Top 10 wide receivers in the 2014 draft


This year’s draft has some great wide receiver prospects. So many of the young route runners entering the NFL this year have the ability to be big time players. Game-changers if you will. Click Here to see the list.

For the Cincinnati Bengals, adding a young versatile receiver could really help. I know many fans and experts may feel that the Bengals have a loaded offense. But the main thing the team needs to add is that hybrid player. Not the dual threat running back, but more like the dual threat wide receiver. Call it the “Desean Jackson” trait. As far as being able to make plays from anywhere on the field.  A player that gives you an extra wrinkle to your offense; schematically this could really take Cincinnati’s offense to the next level. Giving Andy Dalton another option, a more reliable outlet to use in a Wes Welker type of way.

LSU slot man Odell Beckham Jr is the guy my mind instantly jumps to, when speaking of this style of player. The 5-11 193 pound receiver has moves for days, and can hit the smallest hole of the defense as quick as any player in this year’s draft. The New Orleans native racked up close to 1,200 yards this season, as well as 8 touchdowns. But for Beckham the stat that stands out most is his 19.5 yard per catch average. That alone gives us an idea of what this young man can do on any given play. Beckham has the speed and quickness, he also possesses the ability to stretch the field and go up for the ball against anyone. That type of strength and athleticism, at his size, could be a dangerous combination. If available at the right time, Odell Beckham could end up being the best skill player Cincinnati drafts.

Odell Beckham shows off his moves.

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Earlier in the off-season I stated that, Texas A&M WR, Mike Evans could potentially be a target for Cincinnati. I still believe Mike Evans can add something that is needed to this team as well. But more than likely the Bengals will not be choosing a wide receiver too early, so Evans would have to drop in order for the Cincinnati Bengals to snatch him up. This is a guy who could be a chain-mover in the NFL. As Johnny Manziels main target, Evans proved to be a big route runner, that can take hits as well as hold on to the ball. This would be the receiver the Bengals could look to on third down across the middle of the defense. A player that can do what TJ Houshmandzadeh did for Cincinnati during his years as a Bengal.

Mike Evans goes airborne over defender.

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