TOP 10 Wide Receivers in the NFL Draft: Should the Minnesota Vikings take one?


Will the Minnesota Vikings take a chance on one of the top wide receivers prospects? In the past few year the Vikings have drafted multiple players WR’s, but only one has really made an impact. In 2013 the Vikings traded into the first round to grab Cordarrelle Patterson, making him the Vikings third first round selection. The Vikings wide receivers are a young group led by veteran Greg Jennings. Can one of these receivers help the Vikings passing game? (READ)

Could the Vikings take one of these receivers with the eighth pick? They will likely have a shot at almost any of them. Quarterbacks look to be the number one option for most teams this year, but if somehow Sammy Watkins (Clemson) falls to the Vikings they should take him. Watkins is the most talented receiver in the draft this year and could instantly bolster this Vikings group.

The Vikings could also look at Jarvis Landry a little later in the draft. Landry could add another dimension to the Vikings passing attack, working the underneath and across the middle routes. Landry could be gotten in the second or third round, which would allow the Vikings to either take a quarterback with the eighth pick or possibly even trade it for more picks.

What do you think the Vikings should do at WR in the draft?

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