Twitter loud-mouth: Peyton Manning to call it a career, retire soon

Credit: Thomas Campbell, USA TODAY Sports

There was a bit of growing buzz in New York during Super Bowl week that if the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl Peyton Manning would retire. After the 43-8 shellacking at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, that chatter quickly died… until yesterday afternoon.

Who’s Incarcerated Bob? Your guess is as good as mine. From what I gather it’s some guy who has a website, a strong following on Twitter and gives gambling advice.

After critics told Bob there’s no way Manning could possibly retire, he went on a Twitter bender, citing the fact that he had the news Manning would sign with the Broncos in March of 2012 “48 hours before any media had clue.” Note the date on the final three tweets below.

Do I believe this report? No. Do I think we should at least pay a bit of attention to it? Sure. Besides, what were those moving trucks doing at Manning’s Cherry Hills home last week anyways?

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