Which top prospect at receiver could help Denver Broncos?

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As we move forward in this year-round NFL, the Combine is rapidly approaching.

And cover32 has caught NFL Draft fever, detailing our Top 10 players at every position.

Today, our Top 10 wide receivers of the Draft piece went live; which of the players could help the Denver Broncos?

Well, first we should note something important. Eric Decker is one of 18 free agents for the men from the Mile High City and if he’s offered more than what the Broncos can afford, Denver will likely lose Decker.

That means the greatest offense of the NFL’s modern era will be without their No. 2 receiver; Denver will have to reload either through free agency or the Draft.

So, which incoming pass-catchers could help rebuild that depth in Denver?

Paul Richardson, for starters. Richardson was a shining star at Colorado in nearby Boulder, utilizing speed to blow by defenders that seemed to be stationary as he caught passes past them. Despite having so-so rookie and sophomore seasons, coupled with missing 2012 with a knee injury, Richardson was remarkable in 2013; 83 receptions for 1,343 yards and 10 touchdowns. He doesn’t necessarily have the size to be a No. 1 in the NFL — 6’1″ 170 pounds — meaning he could be a perfect No. 2 for Denver, allowing them to stretch the field with his explosive speed. Plus, he’s played at altitude and in the cold, neither would be factors in the adaptation process as he moves up to the NFL.

Jordan Matthews could be another fit at No. 2, opposite of Demaryius Thomas. Matthews just finished his senior season at Vanderbilt, improving every year in nearly every category. He finished 2013 with 112 catches for 1,477 yards and seven touchdowns, one less than the year prior. He might not possess the best speed, but being Jerry Rice’s cousin should go a long way in helping this kid get drafted.

Finally, Marquise Lee of USC. While it’s unlikely Lee lands with Denver, they’d sure enjoy his incredibly athletic body on the team. While he’s “only” 6′ and 195 pounds, he’s been known to sky high and make amazing catches. Lee, with Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas would be deadly indeed.

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