For the sake of Andrew Luck: Colts needs at receiver


With the arm of Andrew Luck underneath center, the wide receiver position becomes crucial to the success of the offense, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Yes, a balance between the run and passing game is crucial, but if your receivers cannot get open or they drop the ball, something the Colt’s receivers did all too much last season, then it doesn’t matter if they have Luck in the quarterback position or some average Joe.

Currently the Colts have Reggie Wayne, and T.Y. Hilton lining up on the left and Da’Rick Rodgers, and Deion Branch(if he ends up making the roster) on the opposite side.Throw in Griff Whalen and you have yourself a decision to make.

The issue I see with this line up is the age. Both Wayne (35) and Deion (34) have great experience and at their peaks were some of the best in the game.

However, the Colts cannot rely on these guys to stay healthy and in the league much longer.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, T.Y. has only spent two seasons with the Colts and he is still learning how to compete at this level. This past season was definitely a break-out year for him and he will need to continue to be that productive in his next few seasons to really establish any sort of reputation around the league.

The Colts might want to look at the free agent list for wide receivers.

With the likes of Eric Decker, Anquan Boldin, Golden Tate, and Hakeem Nicks, it seems like the free agent market might be the best place to shop this off-season.

Taking a rookie in the draft could be cheaper, but the risk is just too great at this stage in the game. A solid receiver that is still in their prime or entering it would do wonders for this Colts offense.

CLICK HERE to find out if the Colts can look into a free agent wide receiver come free agency.

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