Help Wanted: Robert Griffin III, Pierre Garcon in need of wide receiver


Only three wide receivers played in all 16 games for the Washington Redskins last year: none of them were over six feet tall. The Washington Redskins wide receiving corps has been consistently too small, too slow, or too old over the past years to be a viable threat to modern day defenses sporting freakishly athletic linebackers and safeties who can also play defensive end if they want.

Pierre Garcon has been a crucial addition to the team, the first credible #1 receiver the franchise has had in years. Some can argue his presence was more valuable than Robert Griffin III’s in that miraculous division title run. Garcon only played in 10 games that season due to a toe injury, however, the Redskins record in those games was (9-1).

The Redskins offense was hampered all season long by suffocating defenses. The run game could not get established and Robert Griffin III never proved himself a credible running threat worth covering, therefore the defense was able to sit back and manhandle our receivers. If RGIII and Pierre Garcon are ever going to emulate their feats from two years ago, then they will need an additional workhorse in the receiver’s stable.

The Redskins need to draft a solid prospect like Mike Evans (6’5″, 225 lbs, 4.59 40-yard dash) or acquire a battle tested free agent like Anquan Boldin if we want any chance to become competitive in the future.

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