If the Rams do consider a free agent wide receiver, who would be the best fit?


Yesterday, we unveiled the top 10 wide receivers set to hit the free agent market this offseason.

Today, I wanted to take a quick look at who might be the best fit for the Rams should Les Snead decide to bolster the receiving corps with a seasoned vet.

First, a disclaimer: I still think the Rams would be better off adding a wide receiver through the draft, mainly for financial reasons, so take this with a grain of salt.

If the Rams add a free agent wide receiver, they should add someone who has plenty of experience playing in the NFC West and has proven that he is able to deal with the rough and tumble nature of the NFL’s toughest division. This wide receiver should bring a winning attitude to the locker room, even better.

Therefore, the best fit for the Rams is…Anquan Boldin Golden Tate, the Seattle Seahawks’ wide receiver.

Ah, you thought I was going to say Boldin, who’s played a total of eight seasons in the NFC West, but you thought wrong. Tate’s maturity is still a question mark (you may recall his unsportsmanlike stunt against the Rams on Monday Night Football against the Rams last season), but Tate is just 25 years old to Boldin’s 33, and unless the Rams truly think they can make a Super Bowl run next season, they’d be better off investing in a guy they can grow with like Tate, rather than a stopgap solution like Boldin.

Like I said, the Rams almost certainly won’t invest free agent money in wide receivers, but if they do, they should take a good look at the young guy who had to go up against Seattle’s vaunted secondary for the past few years in practice.

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