Is James Jones too important to let walk?


The Green Bay Packers will potentially lose one of their star receivers come March 11, when free agency begins. James Jones will hit the open market, and being just one year removed from catching the most touchdown passes in the league may demand more money than the Packers are willing to pay considering their needs elsewhere. However, the injury plagued 2014 season for Jones may cause his price to dip rather than spike, making him a valuable receiver for Green Bay.

However, with Randall Cobb being sidelined with injury during most of last season as well as Jones, the Packers were forced to develop Jarrett Boykin in his absence. With Boykin having gotten more playing time and being better prepared than the Packers could have hoped, Jones may not be retained at all, no matter the price. Instead, the Packers may simply promote from within, draft another overlooked speedy guy from a small college in the sixth or seventh round of May’s draft, and use their money to add depth to the many holes on the offensive line and defense.

Most teams are not fortunate to have a Jordy Nelson or a Randall Cobb on their roster, much less both of them. Two experienced explosive ball catchers and great route runners than make key plays when they need to. Look at Tennessee, or San Diego who got a stellar rookie season out of Keenan Allen but outside of him saw their offense rest solely on the back of Philip Rivers (who proved he’s an elite qb in my book, btw, due to the lack of talent around him). So, do the Packers really need to go after one of these likely overpriced receivers? I say no, unless they can get back James Jones, who already knows the playbook and has proven his chemistry and role within the offense. The idea of having Julian Edelman in a Packer uniform is intriguing, but what can he do that Randall Cobb can’t? What can Eric Decker do that Jordy Nelson can’t? Golden Tate will seek close to number one wide receiver money (more than 10 million), Santana Moss is getting enveloped by age’s cruel grasp, Riley Cooper (like Decker) can’t do anything Jordy Nelson can’t, and Dexter McCluster would be a great piece to add to your return game, but will they pay that much for a kick returner?

So, instead of adding to what is already a deep position on their roster, look for the Packers to spend their free agent money elsewhere and stay intent with the receivers currently in their organization. Besides, any receiver will look good with the best quarterback in the league is throwing him the ball.

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