Michael Bennett deserves more money than you


The Seattle Seahawks have some hard decisions to make this offseason. In an ideal world they would keep the entire Super bowl roster as is, but the NFL is a business and as much as we might want it, that’s not going to happen.

Re-signing defensive end Michael Bennett should be the club’s number one and two priorities. On Super bowl Sunday, it was reported that the team was planning on re-signing him, but nothing official has come through yet, so speculation is abounding.

Bennett caused a stir last week when he announced he would not give the Seahawks a discount to come back, saying “this is not Costco.”

A lot of Seahawks fans took issue with the statement, and many of them went so far as to say they don’t want him back and good riddance. I’m here to tell you that those people are 1000 percent wrong.

The argument seems to go that Bennett should feel lucky to be playing for a championship contender and that if he goes somewhere else he’s deciding to chase money rather than on-field success. That’s bogus. Bennett has stated many times he wants to play in Seattle for life. He can also contend with another team if he leaves, but I sincerely hope that won’t happen.

There’s a reason why Seattle went out and brought Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett on in the first place. In a quarterback driven league, getting pressure on the passer has become a supremely important element for any successful defense.

Peyton Manning’s offensive line was the top rated in pass protection in the entire NFL in 2013. This is why Skip Bayless and an army of other pundits claimed that the Seahawks wouldn’t be able to get to him, and therefore would get shredded at the Super bowl.

How did that work out?

Look people, you get what you pay for. In every business, in every industry. Being cheap with your people means an inferior product gets made. If you like winning Super bowls, you need to pay the guys properly who made it happen.

This stems from socioeconomic jealousy. Why do so many people claim that college basketball players work so much harder than those in the NBA? It has nothing to do with their effort, it’s because they aren’t paid a single dime. That’s why quasi-racist idiots all over the country love to say that college players are better and hustle more. That’s why they expect talented players to stay with their team even though they can make more elsewhere.

If you think Michael Bennett is selfish for not wanting to give the Seahawks a discount then you need to look in the mirror. If you don’t like seeing athletes get paid more than you do, nobody says that you have to watch.

Think it’s unfair that athletes get paid so much? Stop buying tickets.

Michael Bennett has earned his pay day. If the Seahawks don’t give it to him, someone else will. Personally I hope that we sign him to a long-term, ludicrously expensive deal, because that’s exactly what he’s earned.

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  • Ace

    Mike Bennett was very productive last season. Mike Bennett played at a high level late in the season and in the playoffs. Mike Bennett gives an excellent interview. The seahawks should not break the bank to resign him.

    Mike Bennett was signed to a cut rate deal late in the FA process last season. There will be other Mike Bennett type players that can fill his role late in this FA class. Schneider and company are smart enough to realize this and won’t pay nordstrom prices for a guy they can replace for costco money.

  • Lenny

    It’s not a question of how much Bennett is worth in the open market…its a question of how much Bennett is worth to the Seahawks, given his likely high salary demands. Bennett is a great player and a great fit…but no one player on this defense makes or breaks them. They have great players everywhere on defense, so if Bennett wants to leave that…completely his decision. But I would argue that the Seahawks can get almost equal value either in draft or free agency….partly because players really want to play here.

    I think Bennett is a good player, but think about it like this…is he worth paying 15-20% of the defensive money for? (defense is making about 50+ million, he’s probably going to command around $7-9 mill) I don’t think so. Keeping in mind also that ET and Sherman need to be extended this season.

  • scott

    This article is poorly written and shows a complete lack of understanding the Seahawks organization. They will not insult him. But they can only pay so much. Clem is completely back from injury. That’s why we got bennett. Because we needed help after Clems injury.

  • Jeff Engels

    I agree 100% that Michael Bennett deserves fair market value for his talent. Everbody seems to Think our GM can just magically replace key players every time one gets the idea that they need to stand-up for themselves. Lots of entitled Seahawks fans have jumped on the Bandwagon since I started following this team in 1976 who are unrealistic and a bit full of themselves at times. If we think there are tough choices to make now, wait until next year when Russell Wilson asks for what he deserves. Time to soak up all the great energy from this Super Bowl and not get to hasty with all the dynasty talk…One season and one game at a time. Go Hawks! http://jeffsmariners.com