Power Rankings: San Francisco 49ers’ Jed York named one of best owners in NFL


In any business, success or failure tends to trickle down from the top. Very rarely does having someone incompetent in the ultimate position of power not lead to disastrous results throughout the organization. And conversely, having the right person in charge tends to ultimately lead to success.

This is certainly the case in the National Football League. Teams with solid ownership are the ones that inevitably compete for championships year in and year out, while franchises with less stable structures at the top are typically mired in mediocrity or stuck in the cellar.

Thus, when trying to figure out what teams will do well and which ones won’t, it’s interesting to look at the top of the organizational chart. Forget about the coaching staff or the players; oftentimes, a direct connection can be made to the quality of the owner to the franchise’s chances for success.

So on that note, the editors at cover32 gathered to grade each of the 32 ownership groups in the NFL. To see how they stack up, click here.

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