Should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers target Jared Allen?


Plenty of pundits and writers have opined that the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers need a pass rusher to compliment the likes of Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David. One of the names that has been rumored to be in the mix among the free agent market is Jared Allen.

The downside of adding the Minnesota Vikings defensive end would start with his age. Allen is 30 years old which isn’t nearly old enough to get discounted meals at diners but it certainly is a number that should cause worry for potential suitors. Allen is still a heady player with plenty of game left in the tank but is there enough for him to be an every down player?

Would Allen accept a reduced role, and if so how could he command a high price tag? What the Bucs would get with Allen is a veteran who’s NFL ready now, and could pack a mean punch for a young and hungry Tampa defense. Perhaps adding a wily veteran like Allen could serve as a positive locker room presence.

Another question worth asking is if Allen would go to a place like Tampa Bay this late in his career. Would he prefer to have a landing spot that has much better chance at making a legitimate Super Bowl run? If the money is right then Allen would definitely consider most any location; even Tampa.

It is this authors opinion that a player like Allen doesn’t have the upside a younger less expensive draft selection would have. No doubt a proven pass rusher would assist the Bucs defensively, but the upcoming draft should hand head coach Lovie Smith a decent option with the seventh overall pick.

Allen’s numbers haven’t exactly been getting better but they have remained solid with the past two seasons producing 23.5 sacks. Overall the price tag for the lineman is just too high as Allen made $17 million against the cap last season. Unless Smith has no interest finding a pass rusher in the draft, the Bucs should steer clear.

What are your thoughts Bucs fans?

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