The Minnesota Vikings wide receiving core needs to get deeper


When referring to the Minnesota Vikings, we often talk about the lack of defense or the mediocre quarterbacking. Mentioned of course is the young wide receiving core led by an injury prone veteran. Questions revolving the health of Greg Jennings, who is nowhere near the receiver that took over for the Packers’ Donald Driver. The front flipping former Cincinnati Bengal Jerome Simpson isn’t as capable as some have implied. Jarius Wright……five TD’s in his career. Cordarrelle Patterson of course has shown glimpses of talent, particularly as a deep threat in the passing game, but more so in the special teams which doesn’t necessarily translate into a huge threat in the passing game.

Can Greg Jennings stay healthy? This is a big question for the Vikings. He’s been injured more than twice in his eight year career. The 30-year-old isn’t necessarily old, he could potentially still be a big name receiver in the league. The only concern is his health. Outside of Jennings, I am not impressed with much of the receiving talent in purple and gold. Patterson could be developed into something special, but Jerome Simpson is average at best, and everyone else should be handling practice squad duties.

What do the Vikings need in the receiving core arena? Eric Decker perhaps? It looks as though the Denver Broncos may not be able to renegotiate his contract with the offensive line and defensive issues that they have. There is a good possibility he may not be a Bronco next season. Adding Decker to the roster next year, and bringing him back to Minnesota can do nothing but add offensive weaponry to a slow offense.

Of course, another option is the draft. Let’s pretend that the Vikings don’t take a quarterback yet again in this year’s draft and go with a wide receiver. Just for the sake of this article. There is actually quite a bit of talent in wide receivers this year. With the eighth pick this season, and all of the teams that need quarterbacks, the Vikings could go after Clemson’s Sammy Watkins or LSU’s Odell Beckham Jr. Both are top options at wide receiver, and I would predict will have prolific careers in the NFL. Again, that’s assuming that the Vikings don’t go after Blake Bortles or a defensive player like Khalil Mack or C.J. Mosley.

Is the wide receiver position a top priority with the Vikings for this year’s draft? I would say that there are greater needs than wide receiver, at least in the first round of the draft, but it is something they will and should have to address this offseason if they plan on being any sort of contender in the NFC North. Of course they’ll need someone to throw the ball.

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