The Seattle Seahawks are world champion misfits


I’ve written a few pieces on some players that weren’t very well known at the start of the 2013 season. The research that brought you Earl Thomas and Derrick Coleman’s back stories showed me that these were a couple of players who were seen as the cream of the crop only by their coach Pete Carroll. They didn’t fit the ‘normal’ ideal of players expected to be taken in the draft. Thomas is too short and Coleman is deaf, but neither trait has inhibited their performance as was expected.

Over the course of the season, other players started standing out to the media as being unlikely stars. Even Carroll had been dismissed as pro-coaching material. The Seahawks seem to be a haven for players (and a coach) deemed unworthy by the normal standards of the NFL.

Did you know that out of the 53 players on Seattle’s roster, 30 weren’t picked from the first four draft rounds? Seattle’s defense is touted as the best in the league but they have only two first-round draft picks.

Malcom Smith was considered undersized and was overlooked as a linebacker-pick. Taken by Seattle in the seventh-round, he wasn’t a regular starter for the defense. Now he is the Super Bowl XLVIII’s most valuable player.

The infamous Richard Sherman was a 5th round draft pick and look at our cornerback now; he’s the best in the NFL at his position. It was because of how good he is that we hardly saw him at all in the Super Bowl; the Broncos knew better then to throw in Sherman’s direction.

K.J. Wright was a 4th round draft pick because he was all arms and legs, making his tall, gangly 6’4” frame seem unlikely to gain leverage as a linebacker. Yet he is a great linebacker with incredible instincts as well as a proven leader, running huddles when needed.

On offense, we all know practically everything about Russell Wilson. He has risen to fame in huge part because of his own unlikeliness. Too short and a 3rd round draft pick make him an odd choice for starting quarterback.

Undrafted, late pick, unlikely, too short, too tall, deaf… these are the words describing over half of the players on the Seahawks team.

Pete Carroll has shown tremendous insight to bring most of them aboard; perhaps this stems from his own misfit status. He failed as head coach a few other times in the NFL before finding success with the Seahawks. Carroll was deemed by critics to not be professional coaching material. Yet perhaps all of his history, including developing his eye for talent during his Pac 12 days is why he is on top of the football world today.

The Seahawks are an odd group; awkward and unlikely. This is yet another reason to love them. It doesn’t feel good to be told you can’t do something because you’re a few inches short. All it took was one other man to look past the negatives and see for a fierce competitive drive and a love for the game that mirrors his own.

The Seahawks are a gang of misfits who were given a chance, and now they’re living out their dreams.

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    I have posted on comment pages numerous times that in more than one way reminds me of the Oakland Raiders of lore (when I was a youth; late 60’s -70’s. A band of mist fits lead by passionate coaches that played ferocious D, Pounded the ball on the O but when need be stretched out the D with a long passing game.

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      You are smarter than most fish, mules, and wolverines.
      That is because you are a Hawk.
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