Twitter Tuesday: More Sam Bradford talk


This morning, the Rams’ position on quarterback Sam Bradford was again brought to the forefront of team speculation after comments made by head coach Jeff Fisher on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the morning.

Bradford’s status with the team moving forward has been one of the major topics of debate since his injury in Week 7, one that has snowballed as his commanding salary threatens to affect the Rams’ cap maneuverability this offseason. During his interview, Fisher responded to reports of an unlikely Bradford contract extension by refuting the rumors and asserting that the soon-to-be fifth year quarteback is “going to be under center” in 2014.

The comments came after reports were being circulated that the team had no plans to extend Bradford, despite contrary mid-season reports. Among them:


ESPN’s Ed Werder chimed in with a source of his own, that of Rams’ general manager Les Snead, whose thoughts echoed those of Fisher:

While Fisher’s remarks may have shed some light on the team’s immediate plans at quarterback, the question that remains is whether Bradford is the guy for 2015 and beyond. It seems unlikely that the comments made today will dampen the fire of the anti-Bradford crowd. However, extension or no extension, Bradford’s starting status for 2014 remains solid:


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