Twitter Tuesday: state of the Buccaneers


As I look at the Buccaneers situation going forward for next year. One word continues to pop into my mind.

Potential. Potential. Potential.

From the day former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith was hired to guide this franchise. A sense of confidence has developed.

Smith, while only available because he couldn’t win the big game, is still a quality hire and brings out the best of players. He builds nasty championship caliber defenses and brings much needed experience and stability to a team that just never had it with former coach Greg Schiano. The potential of the offense, now guided by offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, once again establishes a sense of stability with a proven winner. Tedford was a two time Pac-10 coach of the year as head coach at Cal and leads the university all-time in wins, bowl victories and games coached.

With cap space, very few players that “must” be resigned combined with Smith’s coaching history, all could lure above average players to Tampa Bay to play ball.

The Buccaneers also hold the 7th spot in the NFL draft, with power to trade up, or trade down based on what suits them best.

They have the ability to draft a big time ‘start now’ type player on offense or defense at seven, but also can take quantity over quality by trading out of the position, holding it ransom for a higher dollar to bidders who want to move up. The potential run on quarterbacks, which is a deep class this year, could be used at Tampa’s advantage as teams love to bite for quarterbacks early.

Speaking of quarterback. The Buc’s have theirs. His potential, there’s that word again, is through the roof.

Mike Glennon is the guy and is it’s well deserved. Big arm, Tedford endorsed, has all the tools and showed glimpses of it last season. His poise and patience will only develop as he goes and with a couple more weapons around him and a better run game in 2014. Glennon may be the engineer of a very good and explosive offense.

With the new established leadership and knowing the franchise is in good hands moving forward. You can’t help but think a possible ‘Chiefs like’ turnaround for 2014 is legit.

Now let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. There is still much work to do. Free agency and the draft is step two in the process of rebuilding this 4-12 team from last year, however the future looks bright, and the state of the franchise moving forward, is good.

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