Twitter Tuesday: The Minnesota Vikings choose to continue losing


This is one of the things that digs at every Vikings fan. With Christian Ponder the only quarterback currently on the roster, fans are going to be very anxious for the next couple months as things play out. That is unless the Vikings can pick up one of the free agent quarterbacks out there. But, even then, the Vikings are on a non-winning path.

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  • Ekolu

    Free agency hasn’t even begun and your making assumptions. Right now every team is on the path to losing, because every team has positions that need addressing. There’s a new regime in town and I wouldn’t be surprised if your eating your word come payoff time. The time to make a prediction is at the beginning of the season after free agency has passed, the draft is through, camp is concluded and the roster finalized. Let me give you this revelation, the Vikings will make the playoffs and if they hit on all cylinders they will take the North and you could see them go deep into the playoffs.

    • Bryan Kvitek

      I understand that, but why would any offensive talent want to come to Minnesota until their quarterback situation figured out. Free agency won’t bring a good quarterback to Minnesota, so the draft will have to be the place the Vikings look. And then what talent, especially those that may only have a couple years left, will want to come to a team with an unproven quarterback?

  • Tim

    The serious point is here. The Vikings on the wrong path. They are keeping a loser for a QB. I don’t care if he is the last QB on earth that they can take. Trade up and trade him. He is not doing the team any good and he will not be worth anything as a back up. He can’t do nothing but take a shit. That he might not do right. We gave the asshole 3 years of our time and if this new coaching staff and our GM get there head out of there asses and start listen to the fan base then this team will go no were and they should not even be getting a stadium personally in my book until they can prove there worth. Not trying to be harsh or nasty just realistic here. Do you hand a kid a toy for being bad. I hope not. You should give a toy to a kid that is being good. The same things goes for this. So far I am not impressed and sick and tired of the duck, duck, goose game this team is playing.

    • Kevin

      Tim, you fall into the complete over reacting category. Turner has already said they are going after another quarterback regardless of whether they keep Ponder and no one said he would be starting. Also if you think a coach and GM should start “listening to the fanbase” then clearly you dont want that coach to last long…

  • Christian S.

    I think this new group of coaches is gaga over Ponders charm. They will soon find out that under pressure, such as making split timing decisions in the pocket, he is no good. I would rather hire one of the local high school QB than this has been. This team doesn’t know how to handle pressure! It will prob show again this fall. Just an average team, going nowhere fast.

  • Kevin

    You failed to mention trade possibilities. Obviously the Vikings are looking at another quarterback so why tweet something so stupid other than just to piss Vikings Fans off. Youre guilty of given it legs by writing an article about it when you should know better. Also this notion that no free agent is going to come here because they dont have a “franchise quarterback” is ridiculous. Thats why the NFL has a salary cap. Every team has the ability to become a contender in a few years with the right moves. Free agents will go where they can get paid.

  • brian

    Gee Tim you sure are looking like a cry baby over this Ponder being the soul QB on the roster thing. Don’t think you’re right about move up from eight to get one of the top three QBs in this class. I truly think that is a horrible idea. These guys are so over rated at this point.